Project management support services for citizen science and conservation projects.

Need help with your project scoping or planning? Or would you like to bring your project back on track? Book a FREE 30 minutes consult to discuss how I can help.

Project Scoping and Planning

Keen to kick start your project with sound planning to minimise risks and maximise success?

Start your project with a strong foundation and a clear plan of action from start to finish.

Project Health Check

Concerned about your project going off track? Need peace of mind or a plan to get things back in line?

Get an independent review of your project activities, missed opportunities and next steps to maximise project impact.

Project scoping and planning service

Support to set up a strong foundation for your project

What is project scoping and planning?

Thinking through the project design increases the chances of a successful outcome – and my support services ensure all your bases are covered. We will work together to help you nut out the finer details, set up the necessary documents, and guide you with time-saving tools and templates so that your project is well prepped to meet its objectives and achieve its intended impact.

How do my project scoping services
add value to you and your organisation?


  • Exploring the feasibility of your idea.
  • Defining objectives, budgets and timelines.
  • Working out your value proposition.
  • Developing a project charter or plan.
How do my project planning services
add value to you and your organisation?


  • Planning your project journey.
  • Helping with project documentation. processes
  • Advising on:
    • Volunteer recruitment and training.
    • Stakeholder analysis and management.
    • Detailed project planning.


Gain clarity, confidence and a clear course of action

Do I need help with project scoping and planning?


Are you inspired to run your own project and turn your idea into reality?
Are you funded and about to start building your project for launch?
Are you unsure of the best way forward and seeking clarity?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to talk about project scoping and planning

Project Health Check

Improving efficiency, tracking progress, ensuring you’re on time and on budget

What is a project health check?

Despite our best attempts, projects sometimes go off-track and this can often go unnoticed until it’s too late. An independent evaluation of your project processes, activities and documentation gives you a peace of mind that all is good. And if things aren’t tracking well, you’ll get the right advice to help get your project back on course and onwards towards success.

What does a project health check involve?


  • Confidential review of project activities, budget and plan.
  • Assessment of any risks or issues being overlooked.
  • Summary report on findings.
  • List of recommendations, if required.
Additional services (upon request)


  • Assistance with implementing any of my recommendations.
  • Providing ongoing quarterly or bi-annual health checks.
  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation plan to track your project deliverables.

Do I need a project health check?

Are you worried about the progress of your project? Is it showing signs of trouble and not going according to plan?
Are you interested in monitoring the ongoing performance of your project?
Are you under stress and struggling to manage your project?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, ask me about a project health check

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